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Who do they call?
In Case Of Emergency 
Who do they call?
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 A step-by-Step Guide for creating your personalised I.C.E. Contact List 

Plus get Our FREE Accident Assist Checklist
CRA or CRASA is South Africa’s innovative and trusted portal for easy and quick access to premium car repairer companies and auto body shops.

The Collision Repairers Association (CRA) is an organisation that promotes panel beaters and repair shops to maintain and deliver a high standard and world-class service to all their clients, ensuring that the risks involved in a possible future collision is minimal. CRA upholds a high standard of quality auto repairers, premium refinish painters as well as unparalleled collision tradesman.
Collision Repairers Association – The Future of Auto Body Collision Repairs

Collision Repairers Association (CRA) was registered in late 2013 and in relation to our young age have provided real benefits with regard to the accident damaged autobody repairs industry. Major achievements relate to transparent relationship with fair trade terms and conditions with in most instances guaranteed levels of pride and quality through standards. Our industry first achievements are based on passion and timeous reaction to unfair practice and procurement and ultimately the protection of the interests and rights of the consumer and our members.

Our pride is assuring potential clients of capability, credibility and qualification is based on use of service provision by our esteemed member network. As confirmation we provide an internet based online research database to confirm full history of compliance from SARS through MIBCO and health and safety requirements for work provider assurance, and for the consumer a feel good look into the premises of the repairer which is mapped via Google locate services and offers direction for location and convenience.

We thank you for providing us with the opportunity to introduce our dynamic service offerings and present to you a vision for simplicity, success and sustainability.

The CRA has evolved as an organisation with passion, understanding and the will to provide results to our esteemed members and industry associates from the basis of being a voice to the auto body collision industry. We employ consultants and are associated with people suitably qualified in all aspects of collision repair and related business management skills with high integrity and willing to offer their support to ensuring the success of service provision.

Our objectives are issues the proactive body shop owner does not really have the time to concentrate on to ensure the optimisation of their business. The constant changes in the law, support in compliance with statutory requirements, relationship mentoring with government and insurers on selection criteria with regards to financial allowances on mark-up and labour rates as well as aiding consumer choice on service expectation. Further hereto our aim is to provide technical support and training on advancements in collision repair techniques and new equipment investment advice.

To date the CRA has achieved significant change with benefits and are on the road to create market awareness which in the short term will emulate consumer appreciation not previously evident in our local market. Our mission will ensure via procedural compliance that our forum will enforce a code of conduct that covers consumer protection, work force motivation and job security and ultimately peace of mind to business owners on secure, and beneficial return on investment.

As with any Association annual membership fees are payable to cover administration costs and our membership is based on grading status. Further hereto our membership is extended to equipment and service related suppliers whom have a similar vision of business ethic. These include at present paint suppliers, a BEEE accreditation agency, an authorised health and safety compliance consultant, quoting and business management software suppliers and high end workshop equipment suppliers. This will also result in better service, support and preferential rates on association.

Our website provides industry news, the ability to register client dispute for mediation, executive and regional executive council structures and our procurement business database profiling members to support recognition for independent role players in every area of activity in the collision repair industry. The platform will provide assistance to work providers and consumers with accident damaged vehicles to make educated decisions in allowing the most professional repairer the opportunity of refurbishment within acceptable time frames and in line with warranty reinstatement protocols.

In conclusion we trust you can see the benefit of relationship to our Association and look forward to the synergy we can create by our providing valued service and more importantly ensuring your enthusiasm and input is shared with other members at organised events of our approved panel.